DirectAdmin update

Per 02-10-2009 is versie 1.34 van DirectAdmin live. In deze update zitten de volgende features en bugfixes:

- Negation of User selection in backup creation.
- Seperate mysql connections per db restore.
- Process list.
- User=username for action=rewrite&value=filter.
- Pagination for api results.
- Pipe and email in forwarder.
- Button to delete bayes_* file.
- Add /var/tmp to open_basedir.
- User_restore_pre.sh.
- Simple_disk_usage for tally.
- Admin Backup/Transfer in power_user.
- Restores to use backup_nice=19.
- Output when an IP is blacklisted.
- Ability to specify blacklist times.

- Bandwidth breakdown not showing all days.
- Check for non-owner-subdomains on domain rename.
- Added --fqdn to the hostname call in nightly hostname check.
- /etc/virtual/domain.com/quota has duplicate entries.
- Segfault in dns read with round robin records.
- Autoresponders not being backed up with suspended account.
- Add increased timeout for User deletion.
- Anonymous nobody data in public_ftp wasn't being included in quotas.

Al onze servers hebben in de nacht van 7 oktober op 8 oktober 2009 de nieuwe versie van DirectAdmin geinstalleerd gekregen.

Meer informatie over deze update kunt u vinden op www.directadmin.com.

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